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BizTalk Remote Deployment Problem Using SDC BizTalk Taks

Sep 17, 2007 at 7:06 PM
We are using SDC Tasks in a Continuous Integration project with BizTalk2006. Two servers are used:
• one as the build server to compile and create our BizTalk projects
• another one used for deployment & testing.

We are using SDC Tasks to deploy our application remotely on the test server but faced some problems.

Problem 1:
Tasks: Biztalk2006.Application.Create, Biztalk2006.Application.Delete, Biztalk2006.Assembly.Deploy are based on BizTalk2004TaskBase and we are getting hard time make it work remotely.

We are trying to use Windows authentication (no Username or Password). However, when no Username and Password is specified, the Server name is ignored (the deployment is done on the local server).

As a workaround to this bug, we specify a “dummy” Password without a user name. This way, the Server attribute is NOT ignored, and Windows authentication is used (because the User name is blank).

For example:

Password="Dummy password that is never used. This is a workaround to a bug in BizTalk2004TaskBase. This password will never be used because no UserName is specified, but it must be there otherwise the task will ignore the Server parameter."
UserName="" />

We believe the bug is in BizTalk2004TaskBase.GetBtsCatalogExplorer(string server, string database, string username, string password) but we have not confirmed it.

Problem 2:
With the workaround identified, we made this working but faced another problem related to assemblies (DLL) in the GAC. The assemblies are deployed in BizTalk and can be seen in the Administration Console. However, they are not deployed to the remote server’s GAC. Instead, they are deployed in the local GAC (even though we specified the Server parameter). Is this by design or have we missed a step in the process?