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Problem with BizTalk2006.Assembly.ImportBindings

Sep 22, 2008 at 9:56 PM
Hi - I am pretty new to Biztalk and am trying to build and deploy a Biztalk Project using MSBuild. I am using the SDC Tasks Release 2.1.3155.0
When I configure all my ports manually using the 'BizTalk2006.ReceivePort.Create', 'BizTalk2006.ReceivePort.AddReceiveLocation','BizTalk2006.SendPort.Create' and 'BizTalk2006.Orchestration.Bind', every thing works fine.
I have a problem when I try to use the 'BizTalk2004.Assembly.ImportBindings', task. below is the code from my MSBuild project file
     BindingPath="C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\MSBuildSample\Binding.xml"
     AssemblyPath="C:\Documents and Settings\Srikanth\Desktop\MSBuildSample\SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj\SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj\bin\Deployment\SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.dll"
     Database="$(BTServerDatabase)" />
  <Message text="Bindings Imported Successfully" />

I get the following error "SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj_1.0.0.0_SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.EmployeeOrchestration_EmployeeReceivePort_faed587cb93de4ea" could not be bound to "SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.EmployeeOrchestration". The artifact "SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj_1.0.0.0_SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.EmployeeOrchestration_EmployeeReceivePort_faed587cb93de4ea" does not belong to the same application as "SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.EmployeeOrchestration" or its references'

when I import the same binding file from the Biztalk Server Administration, I am able to load it and every thing works fine.

It would be really great if somebody could help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Srikanth Satuluri
Sep 30, 2008 at 3:35 PM
Hi Srikanth,
BizTalk 2006 has a concept of applications that are logical buckets/boundaries in which BizTalk ports/orchestrations/artifacts etc. sit. Artifacts in one application cannot see those in other applications.

In your case, it would appear that the Receive Port SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj_1.0.0.0_SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.EmployeeOrchestration_EmployeeReceivePort_faed587cb93de4ea sits in once application and your orchestration SampleBiztalkMSBuildProj.EmployeeOrchestration sits in another; when you try and apply the bindings, BizTalk will not allow the orchestration/receive port association you have specified because they sit in different applications.

Move the orchestration or receive port into the correct application (right-click on the port for example and select Move Application).

Hope this helps, Nick.