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Folder Share Create - Permissions for Everybody

Nov 13, 2008 at 3:44 PM
According to the documentation if I specify no value for the AllowedUsers then Everyone will have permissions to the share.

 /// <para><i>allowedUsers</i></para>
    /// <para>
    /// A delimited list of the users or security groups who are allowed to access the share, in the format
    /// DOMAIN\Username. If none are supplied and nobody is in the <i>deniedUsers</i> then everybody is
    /// given full access to the share. If none are supplied there are accounts in <i>deniedUsers</i>
    /// then nobody is given access to the share.
I am unable to get this to work.  When I specify no value for allowedUsers then it seems no one has permissions to the share.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Dim o As New Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Folder.Share.Create
        o.Machine = Environment.MachineName
        o.Path = "C:\TestShare"
        o.Description = "Test Share"
        o.ShareName = "TestShareName"