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Biztalk2006.Assembly.Deploy and Resources properties

Mar 25, 2009 at 8:29 PM
I am very new to Biztalk and working on a small project. I have been able to use the MSBUILD script with SDC tasks and deploy the biztalk assemblies with no problems.

In my build script I can create the application, delpoy biztalk assemblies, and start the application and export the msi file.
However, when I import the msi in a target biztalk server, everything works fine except the biztalk assemblies are not gaced. When I check the resource properties, the properties for gacing assemblies during
msi import/install is not set.

Is there way to turn this property on when delopying the biztalk assemblies using Biztalk2006.Assembly.Deploy task? I see that the assemblies are already in the resources once the deploy is complete.

I can use the "BTSTask AddResource" command in the script to turn it on but since I have already delpoyed it, adding a resouce again seems to be giving me all sorts of warning.

Is there anyway to turn those resource properties on with the SDC deploy task?

Any help/direction is really appreciated.