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Question related to Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.SourceSafe.GetVSSFiles

May 14, 2009 at 8:49 PM



I am using the GetVSSFiles task in order to execute a "Get Latest Version" like operation. My main goal is to improve the speed of my build process, since if I perform this kind of operation it would only get the modified files from the SourceSafe and not all the files.

My question is: is GetVSSFiles supposed to do this kind of operation?

The reason I am asking it is because the GetVSSFiles task works fine when I set an empty folder as his WorkingDirectory property, but it fails my build when there are some files from the previously build in the folder I set as his WorkingDirectory. The only error message it shows me is:


error : A task error has occured.
C:\mybuildtypes\TFSBuild.proj(970,3): error : Message = An error has occured with Visual Source Safe


Any help will be welcome!


thanks in advance,

Carlos Amigo