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MSB4030: .NET Type(ed) parameters in Msi.Install task


As far as I can tell at least two of the public parameters on the Msi.Install task must be wrong since MSBuild doesn't do the translation from string to Guid or to Enum. Alternatively I'm missing the point in not knowing how to specify a GUID or Enum as input parameter to a MSBuild task (I have been wrong before. I remember once in the seventies....).
But if so then the documentation needs a brush up:
<Target Name="Test">
        ProductCode="b6b6f41c-fd3e-4b5b-8a73-c59494974990"                          <----- This doesn't work. Neither does it work with {...} form
        UserInterfaceLevel="None"                                                                       <----- This doesn't work either. At least not on my installation
        Features="MSMQ,BTS2004,WebServices" >
        <Output TaskParameter="ExecArguments" PropertyName="ExecArguments" />
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I am seeing the same issue. error MSB4030: "{63F7902D-802A-48D9-A0AC-B2E7D98EA19A}" is an invalid value for the "ProductCode" parameter of the "Msi.Uninstall" task. The "ProductCode" parameter is of type "System.Guid".

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