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It's imposible to create only WebSite on specified machine


I tried to use "Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Web.WebSite.Create" task to create only web site on the remote IIS, but this task doesn't have parameter to determine machine on which IIS I want to create to.
I also tried to use "Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Web.WebSite.CreateVirtualDirectory" but it only create VD inside existing WebSite.
Mb there is way to implement this?
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mikeFourie wrote Nov 3, 2008 at 8:22 PM

Are you setting MachineName? Can you post your sample?

Juzzzt wrote Nov 4, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Here first way i tried to create:
        Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Web.WebSite.CreateVirtualDirectory t1 = new Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Web.WebSite.CreateVirtualDirectory();
        t1.MachineName = "machineName";
        t1.AnonymousUserName = "Domain\\Login";
        t1.AnonymousUserPassword = "Password";
        t1.WebSiteName = "tesWevSite";
        t1.Path = "D:\\Deploy\\test1";
        t1.AppCreate = true;

This doesn't work cause this class require VirtualDirectory property

Here is second trying

Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Web.WebSite.Create t = new Microsoft.Sdc.Tasks.Web.WebSite.Create();
        t.Port = "8098";
        t.AnonymousUsername = "Domain\\Login";
        t.AnonymousPassword = "passsword";
        t.Description = "myTestWebSite";
        t.HostName = "myTestWebSiteHost";
        t.Path = "D:\\Deployment\\f2";
This doesn't work cause this class doesn't has property MachineName

Juzzzt wrote Jan 6, 2009 at 7:07 PM

        CreateWebSite.Objects.Web.WebSite.Create tSite = new CreateWebSite.Objects.Web.WebSite.Create();
        tSite.Port = "8020";
        tSite.AnonymousUsername = "DOMAIN\\USERNAME";
        tSite.AnonymousPassword = "PASSWORD";
        tSite.Description = "Test";
        tSite.HostName = "myTestWebSiteHost";
        tSite.Path = "D:\\Deployment\\Test1";
But it doesn't contain property to set MachineName.
CreateWebSite.Objects.Web.WebSite.CreateVirtualDirectory contains, but CreateWebSite.Objects.Web.WebSite.Create tSite doesn't.
Mb I do something wrong.

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